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Native Flowers of Romania.

Romania has three different regions where various species and varieties of flowers grow. These include the Carpathian Mountain region, Dobrogea region and Danube Delta. Different types of flowers can be found in each region. In the Carpathian Mountain region, one can find various varieties of alpine flowers. Romania's Dobrogea region is home to various varieties of flowers from Central Europe, the Mediterranean region and Asia. The Danube Delta of Romania has many water and moor flowers. Thus, one can find quite a large variety of flowers grown in Romania. Some of the native flowers of Romania are discussed below.
Dog Rose
Dog rose is Romania's national flower. It can be either pink or white and blooms in June and July. It is found in two varieties namely the climbing variety or the self-supporting stalk. The flower is also very fragrant. In thrives in various soil types, except for the dry or waterlogged soil.
King Rock's Pink
King rock's pink or clove pink can be found in the Carpathian Mountain region of Romania only and is said to be one of the rarest flowers of the world. It is an ancestor of carnations, which are grown in gardens nowadays. The flower is pink in color with white or red markings in the center and gray green leaves.
Carpathian Bellflower
It is a beautiful blue or white bell-shaped flower that blooms in the summers. It is commonly grown in gardens of Romania. As the name of the flower suggests, it can be found in the Carpathian Mountain region of Romania.
Alpine Primrose
This flower can be found in the Carpathian Mountain region. It resembles the common primrose and is dark pink in color.
Globe Daisy
Globe daisy is a round fuzzy flower grown on the top of large stems. The flower is usually blue in color. It can be found in the Dobrogea region of Romania. The flower blooms in late spring and early summers. Pasque Flower
This flower grows in the Dobrogea region of Romania. It has dark purple petals and a yellow center. It is a perennial flower, which flourishes in full sun and rocky environment.
Fringed Water-lily
It is a yellow flower with yellow petals and resembles the water poppy in appearance. It is an aquatic plant growing in the Danube Delta region of Romania. It flourishes in the full sun and can hold its flower for one day only.
Yellow Wood Violet
This flower has bright yellow petals and a purple center. It grows either alone or in pairs at high altitudes. The blooming period of the flower occurs in the summers and extends from May to July.
Besides the above, there are many other native flowers of Romania. They include the lilac, crocus, fuchsia and white water lily.

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