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Seven Reasons to Invest in Romania Real Estate Properties

The current economy statement in Romania is steadily increasing the levels of GDP and significantly high levels of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The economy investment grade has recently been upgraded by Fitch and P&S. Romania benefits from the rising FDI flows due to the privatization process, and the advantages of its big internal market

Romania is also having a great geographical location at the intersection of some great trade routes joining the Far East with the Western Europe. With population of more than 20 million people, Romania has a large domestic market. After having such great property investment opportunities, Romania is continuously attracting more and more foreign investors to invest in Romania. Stable and encouraging government of Romania is the other reason which is creating great investment opportunities in Romania. The Real estate market in Romania is growing at a rocket speed. Following are some best reasons for investing in Romania.

Reasons to Invest in Romanian Real Estate Property:

1. With strategic and visionary efforts by Romanian government, the economy is becoming stronger and stronger over the years. Romania is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. 

2. Falling inflation and increasing employment are two other boosters of rapidly growing economy. Inflation has dropped to 7.5% low in 2005 from 22% high in 2002. Unemployment rate also fell to 6.2% in 2006 with less than 3% in capital Bucharest which is far lower than the many other developed European economies. With under control inflation and falling unemployment rate Romania is confidently creating the strong property buying opportunities over the country.

3. Foreign investment in Romania is increasing drastically. From 2001 to 2005, foreign direct investment in Romania has reached over 5000 million euros and more 8000 million euros added in 2006. With 55% of FDI in capital city Bucharest, major companies from all over the world are coming to invest in Romania. 

4. Along with capital city of Bucharest, other cities in Romania like Brasov, Transylvania, Craiova, Constanta and Iasi are also attracting investors. Transylvania is the Romania's biggest tourist asset and the expected to attract more investment with immense number of investment opportunities. One more golden opportunity where investors want to invest is in Brasov, the most visited city of Romania. Having facility of international airport, Brasov is also linked with new motorway for fast transportation. 

5. Report given by investment experts says that house prices in Romania are expected to increase by 4 times higher over the next 10 years. In past few years, property prices are already raised by 25%. Even such a great rise, property price in Romania are still 20-30% lower than the other eastern European countries.

6. After accession to the EU in 2007, the real estate market in Romania has been influenced dramatically. EU funding to Romania has been invested into the infrastructure development in road, hospitals, schools, bridges etc. EU funds will help to create more jobs and therefore potential customers seeking to buy/rent properties. 

7. Low tax rates are the other main reason to invest in Romania. Romanian government has set up a flat rate of only 16% for corporation and income tax. Such low and fixed rate of tax is powering Romania to draw more foreign investors seeking for new business places.

Some other secondary factors are also responsible for great investment opportunities in Romania. Romania has great network of international airports with two in capital Bucharest. Developed and fully facilitate ports in Romania is also boosting its economy drastically. Romania has huge network of telecommunication systems equipped with modern telecommunication equipments. Also there are nearly 48 industrial parks. 

As far as it looks, the boom is yet to come! Buying property in Romania will be great ROI in near future. So what are you waiting for? Invest now in Romania for your better future.

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ROMANIA: The Country You Will Visit Again.

Nowadays most of the people all over the world either do not know even where Romania lies, or they have heard many terrible things about this country. For example, that Romanians sent to death their president Ceausescu, that their gypsies commit many crimes wherever they go or that Romania is so under developed that they seem to travel back to the past century...
Well, we cannot say that part of these is not true! However, here are some facts about Romania, which can change your opinion for good. First Romania is a country where diversity is equalled only by beauty. It is a harmonious country lying in the South -East of Europe, which fascinates the visitor by the variety of its terrain.
From the high peaks of the Carpathians until the Danube Delta, Romania displays its agreeable harmony. There are great plateaus in Transylvania; there are sunny hills that are suitable for the culture of vine in Moldavia, fertile plains watered by clear and quick rivers in Walachia. That is what gives the charm of this beautiful country.
To continue, the Black Sea invites the tourists by its series of modern resorts where the latest architecture highlights the landscape. In addition, this harmony between nature and architecture can be found in the big cities too. As far as the population is concerned Romania has about 22,303,522 inhabitants.
The capital, Bucharest has its attractions; Iasi is another special city in Romania, as well as Brasov or Sibiu, which is the current cultural European capital. What is very interesting in Romania is that each county has something specific.
For example, the south of the country, Oltenia, is famous for its embroideries and carpets, Maramures is famous for wooden sculptures, Bucovina is proud of its old traditions and Dobrogea can show you remnants of the past.
Another great region of Romania is Transylvania that most likely is famous for the legend of Dracula. This legend is related to the rule of Vald the Impaler, 1456 - 1462. He used to punish his people by impaling them, which is a terrible death. If a man dared not to serve him loyally, he used to end impaled by the merciless ruler.
As this punishment is extremely cruel, and bloody as well, people used to say that a human cannot do that and that is why they attributed this habit to a creature coming from hell. This idea, associated with the idea of blood led to the birth of ...a vampire. If you visit Bran castle, in the county of Brasov, you will have many thrilling surprises...
On the other hand, taking into consideration that evil cannot exist without a bright side, Romania suggests you to visit its famous monasteries, especially in the North of Moldavia. If you want to find the peace of your soul, you can visit any monastery in Romania. You will find there above all silence, and once you entered its territory, you even feel you are a better person. You can go there and pray and have some holy water or just enjoy the unique landscape.
We hope that these facts about Romania have made you at least curious to visit it...

All That You Wanted To Know About Romania.

People in most parts of the world seem to know very little about Romania these days. Either they have no idea about its location on the atlas, or they have heard something about terrible happenings in the country. The mention of the name of the country could be greeted with questions about the execution of Ceausescu, the gypsy problem, etc. Some might go as far as to suggest that Romania is still languishing in medieval times.
Now, there is a little bit of truth in these wild reactions, but only just. That picture is a very old one, and needs to be updated immediately. Romania today has many things that can be said in its favor, things that will completely transform you negative impression of the country. First, Romania is a South East European country that is blessed with incomparable scenic beauty. The diversity in its geography must be seen to be believed.
The beauty of Romania is evident from the towering arc of the Carpathian Mountains in the North West to the serene Black Sea coast and the mouth of the Danube in the East. Romania has everything from the sunny hills and undulating vineyards of Moldavia to the great fertile plains of Walachia, drained by gurgling streams and rivers with clear water. It is a land of natural beauty and diversity that can truly leave a foreign visitor spellbound.
Take for example the Black Sea Coast. It has a large number of modern resorts with their architecture completely in tune with the natural surroundings. This non intrusive style of building can be seen in many big cities too. Incidentally, Romania has a population of over 22 million at the last count.
Bucharest, the capital city of Romania and a vibrant metropolis, holds its own charms for the foreign tourist. Iasi, Brasov and Sibiu are other interesting cities, with the last one being considered the cultural capital of the country. Not only the big cities, but every single province in Romania has something special to draw the foreign visitor.
Oltenia in the south is famed for the exquisite quality of its carpets and embroidery. Maramures is renowned for its wooden sculptures. Bucovina is a land of quaint traditions from the past. And if you are interested in history, Dobrogea is where you will find the ancient ruins.
Perhaps the most well known region of Romania is Transylvania with its mysterious legend. The legend of Dracula, the vampire king, has Transylvania as its backdrop. It can be traced back to the times of Vlad the Impaler, the merciless tyrant, who ruled briefly between the years 1456 and 1462. His favourite form of punishment for his subjects was impaling them for disloyalty or any other crime.
The barbarity and cruelty involved in such a mode of punishment induced the gullible people of the time to think that no human being was capable of such brutality. They, therefore, came to the conclusion that it must be the handiwork of a creature from hell. The bloodiness associated with the punishment also contributed to the legend of a vampire, which sustained itself on human blood. The seat of power of this king was in the Bran castle in Brasov county of Transylvania. It is a very popular tourist destination, and you can visit it for a hair-raising experience.
That was a very brief outline of the treasures you can find in the beautiful country that is Romania. Now that you have an idea of what to expect, you can visit the country for a fantastic experience.
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